The Growth Series


I still feel stifled growthwise… though heading towards 50. Why?

There are probably dozens of reasons why anyone would still feel stifled especially as we age. Because people have different desires and are also in different head spaces this will be a somewhat general response.

The older we get the more we cling to routines. Nothing wrong with routines by the way, for routines help form habits and habits are usually necessary for success. Success here is a measure of what you, reading this views as success. Society should not define what success is to you, lets not fall into that trap.

There is a short story my brother gave me to read, its called, “Apologies of Plato detailing the trial of Socrates and his last moments before he was killed. Socrates was considered the oracle of his time to be the wisest in the land. However, when Socrates found this out he could not believe any of it to be true because he knew people who were definitely wiser than he was.

So in his slightly advanced years and as a teacher to the next generation of his time, he embarked on a quest to prove the oracle wrong. He visited all the wise people and questioned them and discussed at great lengths and when he was done he concluded that the people who were parading themselves as being wise in truth were actually not wise at all.

Upon this discovery and stepping on many “wise toes” he was put on trial for trying to mislead the people he was teaching.

Side bar. When you’re doing something unorthodox, the challenges that will arise for your head will be numerous. Be strong in the fight.

He was eventually put to death and the world lost a self serving soul, but I digress. Socrates discovered something that challenged him and looking to understand, he went on a journey to prove that he could not be the wisest person because according to him, he knew very little to warrant such an honour.

Happy are you, who even though aging beautifully still want to continue growing for you realise that even though you know much, there is still more to learn.

To solve any problem, we must first admit that there is a problem.

You feel stifled in your growth because you probably feel there is something you’re consciously/subconsciously avoiding to do to continue growing. Once you discover what that might be, you probably won’t feel stifled anymore. Well not until the next time.


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