A brief dive in the history of the world and we can easily spot great people of even greater heroics. Universally we have Kenneth Kaunda, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther king jr, Barack Obama, et al.

Then we also have those who are universally regarded as bad people. We learn of them in our history books and we have heard their horrific tales told from an early age. Some would be; Hitler, Idi Amin Dada, King Leopard II, . Ruhollah Khomeini, et al.

From the general idea of pick a side, which team do you play for? Are you with the good guys or are you with the villains? If only it were so simple to dissect the heart of person.

Two face said, “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain.” This is the long game afterall we plan for forever with no promise of tomorrow guaranteed. So in 50 years will history claim you hero or villain?

But I’m personally of the belief that no one person is just one thing. You can’t be good without bad traits. Can’t be evil without good either. Probably why we gravitated to the character of Killmonger as we all did. It wasn’t cause we agreed with his evil plan. It was because we could relate with his betrayal and struggle then we understood and even sympathised with his evil plan.

Killmonger wasn’t just evil maybe very misguided in his approach to save the world. Which T’Challa was able to reconcile as the Black Panther. It had me intrigued, then last week I stumbled upon some news that throws Gandhi off his pedestal or at least casts a shadow of doubt upon it.

At what point do we accept that even “Iconic” humans are just people dealing or failing to deal with their personal problems. That we as the people who look up to them have the duty to keep them honest and not turn a blind eye.

This is in truth, the reason people created and fought to gain independent democracies. I read somewhere that, the world will not burn because of the acts of the evil but because of the silence of the good.

These are the fears that I have. That one day power may be thrust upon me and power being power is usually corruptive. Would I rather die a “hero” or live to become the “villain”?

Do you ever think about what you want your legacy to look like in the next 100 years? If we live and prepare life for forever even while noticing how mortal we are each day, what will you want written on your infinity tombstone? Here lies…


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