Imagine if you will, that you are in free fall. Don’t forget to breathe now. Look around your surroundings, and allow yourself to take whatever image forms in your mind. Now try focus only on this image. Good or bad it doesn’t matter.

As you focus on this image, start to notice that in your picture to your extreme left corner a darkness is approaching. It looms in the distance and regardless of what you do it won’t go away not even focusing on the image will help. Don’t panic, its pointless because, its still coming.

Now back to your image, whatever your image is, think of a way to use that image to help you weather the darkness. Yes, to weather. Not to avoid, or protect, just to weather.

Is it helping you prepare for the darkness? Well you have no time to answer that because the darkness is now here. Its surrounding you and every so often the darkness rushes in to harm you and if you’re reading this, then not once has it ever managed to take you down.

There are people who have not made it past the darkness to be able to read this and that in itself is fine. Because that is a way of life (A moment of respect).

Now lets fast forward to the present. Whatever your age is, thats the amount of time you’ve spent fighting the darkness. Think back, how many battles have you won against the darkness? Are you happy with the win, loss column you hold up?

So the darkness doesn’t leave often but there are silver linings and days that set the perfect story, with the perfect person. Days and people that make the darkness seem like stories we tell our little brothers and sisters to get them to behave.

Oh the days of joy and reckless abandon are beautiful and they make fairytales seem pointless. They will be plenty if you pay attention to the little things. The deep heartbeats, the sunsets, the deep silence before the loud outcries.

The reason everyone speaks so much about going all in on your passion is simply because when the darkness comes which is a definite, like death and taxes. When the darkness comes you will want things around you that you love and are passionate about.

They won’t make the darkness disappear but they will make weathering the darkness amazing. Noticing the “collateral beautiful” which is life. No, not alot of things will be easy but easy things lose value in our eyes anyway, so what’s the point?

The point should always be to weather the darkness and find all the silver linings and live for more than just money. If our most valued assest is something that can be quantified then we will always be chasing shadows.

Life is a free fall with darkness all around. You can only weather the dark. What will you choose to focus on. Choose wisely.

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