5 O’clock

It wasn’t that it was a long night, not by any stretch of the imagination. The problem was that as always, I slept slightly before midnight and had to be up by 5.

Had to be feels like I was awoken by way of cold water and a bag thrown over my head. Unfortunately its not that dramatic. But it does always feel like someone is dragging me out of bed when I need to turn and stretch my body out of the warm covers to turn my phone’s alarm off.

5 O’clock

Slightly hazy, slightly confusing weather. Its still pitch black outside, could my phone be wrong? I think to myself as I throw the covers over my head and convince myself my phone is probably just acting up.


My brothers alarm goes off. He quickly stretches to turn it off and then a silence from the room. Low-key sensing if anyone else is up already or if our phones are just having one of those days.

Footsteps, kettle, and the collective sounds of cutlery fill the air. I get out of bed finally and start to get ready for my day. Does this sound familiar for you? Whichever part of the tale you see yourself in at least we share a common story.

Here is my twist, you may or may not relate. With my scarf firmly knotted round my neck I proceed to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee.

“You are addicted to coffee” one of my mothers never forgets to remind me.

I’m sleepy as I dress up, I’m sleepy even as I wash my face. Sleep feels like a monkey on my back swaying nonchalantly as I try to maintain my balance.

Then the beautiful aroma starts to be dissected, particle by particle until my lungs are filled with the inhale of beautiful aroma. Coffee is such a beautiful wake up call.

Coffee is a mixture of beauty, weather black with no sugar or cream and a hint of sweet taste, it really is the batman to the robin of an alarm on my phone. Saving my mornings, one mug of love at a time.


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