Sunsets in Mazabuka

I’m a hopeless romantic, I like my paths untravelled and my grass unhealthily long. I like peaceful sunsets that remind me of home. You know, home the feeling not the place.

I like having my breathe taken away constantly. By stars, and pitch black skies. On cloudy days with only sunrays guiding me. During thunder storms as I count the difference between seeing the lightening and hearing the thunder.

I’m a simpleton, I particularly enjoy long conversations about nothing specific while focusing on some form of empty space while telling stories about everything.

All I’m trying to say is I was in Mazabuka, from the moment I got there I saw smoke in different places and the air was rich with the subtle hint of burnt sugarcane. It wasn’t over powering, it was as if the air was charged with sweet and just beautiful to inhale.

It’s probably just being somewhere new that caused my sunset loving self loose during the holidays. But it equally made me aware, to the dangers of not living in the moment. The threat of living in our dreams and working on a better tomorrow while today passes us by.

The economic depression isn’t a depression anymore, except for when it is, which is everyday as people search their pockets for coins to make it through the day.

We focus on the coming together of things we forget to see the individual beauties in life. It’s not an easy life by any imagination, I’ve been told when it rains it pours. Without rain they’d be no rainbows and It is darkest before the dawn.

Really all thats being said is, you could be royalty on top of the hill, apparently living your best life. However, if your focus is off, all you’ll see is what’s lacking.

The world is one L train we constantly board, if we are unalive to the possibilities of hope and wonder that could possibly fill our lives, we’ll be constantly reminded of how dark and gloomy the world can be.

Dumbledore said it best when he said the darkness will never prevail if only we remember to turn the lights on.

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