If I had a dating Site profile, it would read

Tell me again, Tell me, that life is hard, Whisper it into my ear. Allow the words to vibrate through my core.
Treat me like new borns and feed it to me spoonful by spoonful.

But tell me that life is hard, show me your Titanic with all its morden gizmos, As we watch it hit into the iceberg again and again and again. Tell me who painted the scars on your back and please help me understand what every curve, in every bruise means.

Teach me how to heal you without using my mouth alone. Show me how my hands can assist in your daily restoration. Allow me to fail at your feet a thousand times but bear with me, sometimes I get love drunk and forget to think with my head.

Walk with me at moonlight, in silence, just taking in the moment. Walk with me again in the heat, in silence, angry with the world and ourselves, in silence. But walk with me.


I don’t occasionally know what I want for breakfast, but I do love cooking. And I’m also a fast learner. So I really can’t cook fancy things but that’s why Google is there. I’m a quick study. But I do make bomb eggs. My eggs will make up for alot in life. Also I don’t really like eggs. Story for another day I guess.

I’m also a lover of sports, so I hope you can stand tears and joy on a weekly basis that you did not cause. When world cup comes around you need to know that you have two choices with me,

1. I can either spend time with you while we watch the game or
2. I come home later. After the game.

It’s the world cup, I can’t compromise.
I am however passionate about alot of other things and these things keep up most nights. Will you have the energy to share me? Would you be one to join me? Do you have something you’re passionate about?

(Side view: So you know I’m not a Robot)

If you do, it could be a great dynamic to motivate each other. Even have nicknames and pet names and such. Too soon?

Well anyway, I’m open minded also, I don’t mind my gravy touching my food or my food mixing. Actually look forward to it. I swim without a shirt, I don’t mind my tummy hanging free, I hope you can find it in your heart to accept that.

I won’t judge how you dress, I know and trust you’ve been dressing yourself for a few years now. I will however tell you if I’m not feeling your options.

No, it won’t be a subtle nudge or whisper. We don’t know how to whisper where I come from. So trust me, when I call you aside that I come in peace, don’t make me say it in front of people. I’m careless at times I don’t know what not to say. Forgive me.

If you find this dating profile acceptable kindly leave a comment, hit follow and if you find it awful, leave a comment, hit follow and I will improve my offered services.

(Just a good snap)

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