Buloshi 101.

To some it’s a study in Buloshi (witchcraft) and unfortunately it matters very little what the rest view it as. Some would go to the extent of thinking the jokes on the course will forever be the death note on the course progression. I however beg to differ.

I actually would welcome these jokes even more. Never has there been a better opportunity or platform for people ready to be educated than an audience constantly preparing itself with more of your content. So when you do decide to speak up, your audience is ready and waiting as long as you keep yourself relevant.

You’re the University of Zambia, from the outside world it seems like you sit and pat yourselves on the backs every time something in the school stops working.

But the communication lines between your institution and your students(potential students) is ambiguous to the masses. The message usually gets distorted by the time it passes its several messengers.

I doubt you as a “University” would listen to me a former student of yours, but here goes!

Buloshi 101, as it shall forever be known, is the gift that will keep on giving. You as a University must understand the audience you’re now dealing with has a short attention span.

What I would do, is start a pop up “Buloshi” stand by your school where people can inquire and if possible see some really cool artifacts (visuals are unbelievably powerful).

Secondly this “Buloshi” title is amazing, print shirts sale them cheap use turn over instead of profit. Brand the school let everyone feel the need to wear a “Buloshi” design(I know a guy).

The idea of a revenue stream, of money, did your eyes perk up like mine? In truth, the money probably won’t be as much as you’d hoped for but the recognition from the campaign will go along way to building a progressive University.

We shun our culture for lack of knowledge and that course could help us trace our heritages more easily. Understand what to do, and where to do it as a general rule of thumb.

Basically start a whole other avenue for jobs that people didn’t even think were available to them. What jobs? you may ask, well off the top of my head I would say, “tour guides” get created from “Buloshi“.

This opens new avenues of investments in areas previously left unchecked because no one ventures there. Yes, culture is inclusive of food. People get food, eat and for the most part culture becomes a conversation to be proud of in our country again.

No this isn’t a perfect idea. I doubt I have any certification to even contemplate advising you all with the amount of degrees you have combined.

I do however know that people like to feel included and if you include your students into what is currently trending they will reward you with a commitment you’ve never seen before and probably will never see again.

The doors this simple interaction can bring for both you and your students may however be changed forever.
As your former student, I know it is even difficult to get a chance to sit in your chambers and speak with you over such matters.

I wrote this on the internet, the one place it seems as an institution you have a disliking for but the one place I hope to reach you quickest before the opportunity dies.

I want to be able to assist my former University improve itself in one manner or another. However, I don’t want to wait till I have money to make that contribution, when an opportunity has presented itself now.

So this open letter is basically me shouting into the empty crowdedness of the internet and hoping that a majority of people who want to see positive change happen from a funny situation.

And if this is not a course and you had no plans to start something like this, I would honestly suggest sitting in strategic meetings on how to successfully make this a course. Hope you give me a call so we can discuss things like how to introduce a graduation gown such as this below.

As an institution of higher learning I hope your goal is always striving for progression, no matter how foreign it may seem.

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