Hair Dreams.

My conception is more accidental than anything else. It’s like the more you forget about me the more I grow, get out of hand and prosper.

Hi my name is Ash and at a young age I just become whatever my master desires of me. My natural colour is black and I am a bundle of curls just wrapped around this beautiful head.

Unfortunately I can’t show you pictures for my source of strength was just cut and I feel saddened by my looks and this is why I write to you.

I write for all the oppressed curls in the world. For I have a dream to become beautiful dreads. My master had some important normal human thing to do and everyone told him to cut my hair as is the norm. Stupid norms!

But my master loves me. I can feel it every time he washes me. So you can believe my master and I were emotional the day I got a trim. He came to say bye.

No, there were no tears in his eyes, but every stroke of his hands passing through my curls felt like an endless hug. Hands trembling as he made twists from my curls. Heart heavy as he called the barber. I felt like vermin. I felt ashamed.

But instead of crying I vowed to make the cut difficult. Every stroke of his blade was met with resistance. Every comb, brush and touch of my curls by anyone but my master was met with disgust.

My master promised that this time I would finally be dreads. My final form. Have you ever been so close to your dreams only for this horrible ideal of everything needing to be so uniform to suffocate you?

Well I have and I bled through it all and I was almost cursing my master. My master told me, “I promise you, if you continue to grow I will find a way to dread you.” They don’t understand, but they will and I will shine through when my dreams to attain my final form are achieved.

I wrote this for all my hairs going through a tough time. Think of it as having a bad hair day. You will grow. You will be loved by your master. You will thrive.

I wrote this at a difficult time in life, i was at a point where I had my entire heart set on getting the thing(dreads) and then not getting the thing.

I’m sure you can relate. It sucks not to be able to work on your dreams especially when it feels like you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

If you’ve met me you’ll know that I absolutely lose my head around natural hair. So getting dreads at this point in my life for some reason was really important to me and not getting it was really painful.

I wrote this during that point in life, and suddenly my hair is grown again and the dream is alive once more. Maybe thats why I’m posting it. I hope you get plenty opportunities to have another second chance at whatever your dreams are.

Massive credit goes to the ladies for making this a beautiful lookbook. You all make my hair goals❤

Love. Create. Repeat.

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Instagram: m_shasho

Twitter: shasho_m

YouTube: M’shasho Phiri


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