Dazzling Girl in Room 27

Firstly I’d like to express my utmost pleasure at being wrong. When I first met you, all you were was the sum of your body. Pretty face, amazing body just as I draw them in my mind, but possibly nothing more.

But sweet Lord, how am I glad to be wrong!

You celebrated your birthday recently and I thought what better gift than a reminder of how amazing you are.

You’re fire, you swallow up whole beings with your honesty. You know yourself enough to allow me to enjoy being around you because I don’t have to tip toe with you.

If you don’t appreciate something I have no doubts you will confront and tell me all about it.

Quick witted ready to make fun of any insecurity lingering. Your refinement as a result of pressure. That is why your diamond shines brightly.

You have aspirations closely linked to mine, I could hardly hold a conversation with you because we were never on the same page and now we are sitting down to have meetings and make plans to change the world.

People ask for a ride or die but people are not ready for what a ride or die has to offer. You, are a ride or die.

Whoever asks for your hand in marriage will be blessed for they will have acquired a partner in life.
Your passion for our cause moves me to keep up the fight.

You wanted a birthday present and I wanted to appreciate you properly. So I decided to write.

If ever you doubt yourself I’ll be there to kick you out of it even if you do not feel right.

Your diamond shines brightly now and we will not forget to shine and buffer it everyday. As your friend, I gladly take up the role of being your mirror. You won’t always see what you want to see but you’ll always see what you need to see and that is why I write this because in a short space of time, you have proved yourself to be an invaluable mirror with which I can use to correct myself and for that I appreciate you.

To the dazzling Girl in Room 27.
One day, you will have my babies!!

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