What I Wished to be at 25

What I wished to be at 25, a lawyer because suits and tights for some reason make people feel powerful. Then I watched suits and thought for sure, I was going to be Harvey Spector.
You know corporate law while secretly fighting for the good guy type Harvey Spector.
Ask some of my family members they actually started calling me that.

(Remember this image has make up and Photoshop lol).

Seriously, even though I never wanted to be like him, the thought was beautiful.

Me a Corporate lawyer, thankfully we know I can pull of the look.

Then Unza happened and I discovered development studies with psychology for seasoning. With the pressure of law school off my plate. My mind started creating again.
Writing my first serious piece in that 12th year math class probably changed my life forever. If it had a chapter, it would probably be titled, “I Quit.”

That was the day I turned my back on a conventional system designed to teach me. Every time I’ve entered a new level to this life game I’ve discovered, what was the norm in the level I just left is not the norm in the level I’ve just found.

The worst part about it, was the previous level does not adequately prepare you for the next level (if this was a video game it would probably be epic).

But the freedom Unza enabled me with was amazing enough to allow me to finally rediscover myself.
So create I did or rather attempted and so far they have been fails of such mastery its difficult to make these kinds of stories up.

But failing at each stage was amazing in no other way than failing can be. Each time I failed, I found myself picking up a different cause and putting my soul into it. So here we now are, almost 25 and not much but failure and seasonal success to spur me on.

So what exactly would I tell 13 year old me going round the neighbourhood telling everyone I will be protecting them once I’m a lawyer.
Firstly, only and most importantly, I would not do anything different.

I don’t believe in the butterfly effect as much as one of my friends would rather I do, but one thing is for certain, with all my errors of yesteryear I can gladly say I know who I am today.

So I’m not interested in what I could be in the multiverse. I am a dreamer, being a dreamer for me, means constantly thinking of the future while preparing the present.
What I wished to be at 25?

A man I could be proud of!!

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