Speed Dating: The girl with the Braces

It’s not everyday the weather smells pink. Or I embody a legend. But two in one 24 hour day, my blood must run Irish.
You know I parted my hair, how dare I do young Nelson without the hair do (it’s probably just a me thing, I do love hair!!).

With the classic look covered, and the red tie tied, it was time to conquer the day.

I feel the term most appropriate for what I did, would be, paint the town red. And paint I did.

But you’re not here for young Nelson. (He was impeccable by the way, thank you for asking.)

The pink I smelt was heartily sprinkled all over speed dating (organised by my friend and unza psychology president Kondwani).
Stage right.

The girl was Caramel, with hair straight out of an ad. Big beautiful eyes. Full lips and legs that probably never end.

She spotted me and said Hi. We were within the full laws of speed dating lore except for two things, the event itself had yet to start and secondly probably worse than the first, I already knew her name.

She asked me if I was taking part but I was too focused on her lips.
Too focused on question marks regarding the choices I made that always seemed to bring me back to standing and just staring at her constantly.

I told her how I liked her braces, in particular her lips. Like yes, I’m talking about your braces but I’m focused on your lips.
Today’s encounter makes for an especially interesting memory.

See, She had on a bubbly skirt that complimented her model frame. Those legs looked designed for that skirt. If I did not commute daily, I would have had the time to vandalise her curls and maybe even make her believe in magic.

Though I left too early for my liking I will say the speed dating event was successful. Is not the whole point of speed dating to encounter something new and not in our circles already?
So what if that something new turns out to be something old?
No, we are not asking the right question.

Too long I’ve been focused on questions regarding my choices that always seem to lead me back to staring at her constantly
I guess the right question would be, what do I do now?

If I have to ask that question it must mean speed dating was a success…

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